Mt. Everest


I learned while watching CNN student news that 9 people have made it to the top of Mt.Everest. This is a huge feat considering no one had done this in over 3 years. Many have tried to climb this mountain and some people have even died on their way! Nevertheless, hundreds of climbers try every year to make it to the top of the mighty mountain Everest.

The first people to sucessfully climb Everest were Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Since then, 400 people have made it to the top of this mountain. Now one may be thinking, “400? Thats so little!” Well, Everest is one of the most dangerous mountains there is, and one slip can be fatal. There are a lot of obstacles one must pass to get to the top including glaciers, avalanches, and the extreme temperatures. One of the greatest barriers there is, is something called the Khumbu Icefall. It is a massive icefall that is known to wipe out many hikers. Every now and then, something will happen and Khumbu will release a gigantic avalanche. Sadly, like any other icefall, its avalanches can not be predicted.


Mt Everest is a challenging mountain to climb. You need to be trained to be able to survive in dangerous temperatures, breathe in the given altitude, know what to do in an emergency etc but people still try to climb this mountain. I think that it is amazing to know that sherpas climb this mountain almost every week, and the oldest one of them is 80! I also think its great that 9 people climbed the mountain and have inspired and given hope to so many people saying that it is indeed possible to climb the highest mountain in the world.


Mount Everest First Expedition in Years




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