Sanders Versus Clinton

Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are two democratic candidates running for president. So far Clinton is in the lead but everyone was surprised when Bernie went home with 3 commanding victories. Clinton is still ahead of the democratic party but will that last much longer?

To become president many steps must be taken, but here is a very general summary of the procedures. There are democrats and republicans, near the end of the elections one democrat and one republican will be chosen by their respective parties to represent their groups and run against the other for president. At the moment Hilary is winning for the democratic side and Donald Trump, sadly, is in the lead for the republican side. Now because of the very significant difference in votes between the two major democrats, Hilary and Bernie, Clinton’s supporters were shocked to know that she lost 3 competitions to him.

Hilary is losing her “mojo” to Bernie and people say that it is because she is standing up for gun safety. While she started speaking of guns and recycling, Sanders has spoken up about slightly bigger topics, like how to protect the U.S. from ISIS, equality, education and more. In fact, Bernie has been fighting for equality since the early 1980’s!

There has been talk that Hilary is sure to win the votes of the next states, Nevada and South Carolina, because of her advantage on minority voters but I believe that the two are on the same page. At this point in the elections I feel both Clinton and Bernie have the same advantages and disadvantages so the only changing factors are which states they will be in. So until the final elections, Hilary remains in the lead but Bernie is catching up fast.


How Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton






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