ISIS is an “islamic” extremist group that has greatly effected countries around the world. Only recently did they plan an attack on Jakarta killing a few people and leaving many others wounded. Just before that, ISIS attacked Paris which left not only France, but the whole world shocked. ISIS rules a good many places and hopes to increase that by threatening and attacking other countries, but we will not let that happen. Though the group runs a very organised system that supports more places than it completely controls, most of us will agree that their ways of making the world ‘a better place’ are not the best. ISIS claims to be a muslim group, but many people including myself will argue that the things they do are not in any way Islamic. ISIS has the right motive in some ways and perhaps good intentions as well, its just the ways they execute these plans are rather foolish, and violent if you will. ISIS has continuously tried to take over major places in the world in hope that the rest of the planet will come down with it but we can not let that happen. We can’t let ISIS win.








ISIS attacks 2015



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