Not All Muslims Are Extremists

Recently, on Friday the 13th, Paris was threatened by a series of attacks which killed over 120 people. ISIS admits that they were responsible for the open fires and suicide bombings that injured around 350 innocent citizens. The bombings took place in several places at once and was said to be a coordinated attack.

Because the terrorists happened to be muslim, the whole world thinks that muslims are terrible and all of them are extremists. First of all, they can’t be called muslim is they commit these horrible sins and say that they do it for Allah under the name of Islam. Just because the so called “Muslim” extremists are perverting the religion it doesn’t mean that every one of us is like that.

Secondly, what happened to all the crimes that Christians, Buddhists, and Jews have done? One of the worst terrorist attacks in Europe was a pro-christian anti-muslim russian man named Anders Breivik who ruthlessly slaughtered muslim immigrants and civilians. How about Buddhist extremists who just recently killed a bunch of Muslim citizens living in Burma. Or may I mention the the Jewish terrorists who murdered countlessterrorism_has_no_religion-430x323-custom Palaestinians during the price-tag attacks.

I don’t think its fair to judge a whole religion by extremists trying to put their name under Islam. Every religion has done their fair amount of wrong-doings so why are we hating on the muslims? Not all Muslims are extremists.


Not all muslims are terrorists


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